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Stacy’s incredible story of spiritual transformation has enlightened and encouraged thousands of people.  Her remarkable journey from fundamental Christianity to an Interfaith seminary and ordination was sparked by her struggle to understand the divine experiences she had, and led to her passion for assisting others on their spiritual paths.  She shares her message of unity in a delightful and thought-provoking manner.  She engages her audiences and helps them understand that in Truth there is no difference in who we really are; only the backgrounds and beliefs that have been passed down through the ages stand between us, and she encourages us to learn about and tear down those walls.  Through her ministry, speaking engagements and writings, she is committed to helping eliminate fears rooted in religious beliefs and practices, to bring peace to our hearts, minds and world.

Co-creator and co-owner of Crystal Vibrations Jewelry; Associate Minister for the Interfaith Community International NY; private Spiritual Life Coach; radio show host of Goforth on Faith on WebTalkRadio.net.  Author of One Spirit ... Many Containers; The Divine Plan; and co-author in Pearls of Wisdom with Jack Canfield and others.
What people have said about some of Stacy's programs:

"I enjoyed the Finding Balance seminar and thought you did a stellar job leading the presentation!"  

"My husband and I took the Spiritual Gifts Workshop with Stacy Goforth. Her leadership throughout was wonderful.  She kept us on track and made it very interesting. I highly recommend taking her class!"  

"Stacy was professional - peaceful - relaxed - and comfortable sharing with people of varied backgrounds."

"The guided meditation at the end was really the highlight for me.  I've never prayed that way before and I felt a real connection to God.  It's really great stuff!" (The Divine Plan seminar.)

"It really makes you realize what you're all about as a person."  (The Divine Plan seminar.)

"Now I understand why certain things have caused so much stress in my life - they are in conflict with my gifts!  This workshop (The Divine Plan) has helped me understand and learn how to use my gifts the way God intended.  This is a life changing class!"

 “A very interesting class with a spiritual perspective vs. a new age perspective. The instructor feels quite passionate about sharing her experiences and encouraging students to explore deeper their own purpose for this life, and assurances they have spiritual partners walking with them waiting to be accessed.”

“I really, really loved the guided meditations with the gifted Stacy. Group meditation is so uplifting!”

Listen to the Goforth on Faith radio show on WebTalkRadio.net

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